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What is Trauma Cleaning?

Discovering the scene of a traumatic event on your property can be upsetting and requires urgent attention.

Trauma scenes can be hazardous to human health and should always be cleaned up by professionals with specialist knowledge and equipment.

At Slime and Grime Cleaning, we have a team of specialists providing fast-response trauma cleaning services throughout the North West.

What is trauma cleaning?

Trauma cleaning is a specialist cleaning service that deals with the difficult task of cleaning up after a traumatic incident has occurred.

Examples of incidents that require a specialist trauma cleaning service include undiscovered deaths, suicides, and some crime scenes.

Here at Slime and Grime Cleaning, we understand that discovering a trauma scene can be distressing. No matter what the circumstances, our team of professional, specialist cleaners always prioritise trauma cleaning, arriving quickly and carrying out the clean up discreetly, respectfully, and with sensitivity.

Is trauma cleaning dangerous?

As well as its upsetting nature, another reason that trauma cleaning requires a specialist cleaning service is that it can be a hazard to human health. This is because trauma scenes usually involve biohazards.

A biohazard is a biological or chemical substance that could be harmful to human health, animal health, and/or the environment.

Unless handled with care, biohazards can contaminate areas and potentially infect people or animals with an infection, virus, parasite, or toxin.

During a professional trauma clean up, specialist cleaners will enter the property or area wearing appropriate PPE (personal protective equipment) and safely clean up biohazards using a specialist cleaning solutions or equipment and remove and professionally dispose of any waste from the scene. Once the area is clean, they will then thoroughly decontaminate it to make the area safe again and restore it to its pre-incident condition.

What biohazards are involved in trauma cleanup?

Trauma clean ups often involve human bodies, so some of the commonest biohazards found at the scene of a trauma include human bodily fluids like blood, urine, faeces, and vomit.

Other types of biohazard you may find at a trauma scene include sharps like hypodermic needles or knives.

Any kind of trauma biohazard needs to be cleaned up as quickly as possible to reduce the risk of contamination and to prevent it from attracting pests.

Slime and Grime Cleaning trauma cleaning services

Here at Slime and Grime Cleaning, we provide businesses throughout Manchester, Stockport, and the North West, with professional trauma cleaning services. When our team are called out to a trauma scene, they will be wearing appropriate PPE and handle every situation with discretion and sensitivity.

During a trauma clean up our team will give the contaminated area a methodical and thoroughly clean, before disinfecting, deodorising, and decontaminating the area.  We will also safely dispose of any waste.