Virus Decontamination Service

Has your business been contaminated by a virus or disease such as Covid-19? Slime & Grime can help. We’ve adopted a proven, methodical approach to eliminating these threats. During the pandemic, we’ve been dealing with Covid-19 related cleanups daily. As trusted Covid-19 clean-up specialists, we use our expertise and the latest equipment to safely remove all traces. This will give you peace of mind that the problem has been dealt with professionally and correctly so you can safely continue your daily business as normal.

We offer a 24 hour service so we can respond to your case immediately. The earlier the contamination is dealt with, the less chance it has of spreading so if you have been affected, call us right away.

Tel: 0845 604 3452

Professional Infection Control Experts

We handle every situation professionally. A highly skilled member of our team will assess the risk before we start any job. This ensures the safety of our clients and our staff, especially in the presence of such dangerous infections and viruses. We never cut corners and always have the correct equipment at hand for the job.

At Slime & Grime, we’ve faced some challenging opponents since we began trading in 2008. However, we have never come across a situation we can’t handle. This is due to our professional, efficient approach to every job and the skills and expertise built up over these 12 years of cleaning.

Remember, with viruses, speed matters. The more time a virus has to spread, the harder it is to contain. Call us on our 24 hour telephone line 0845 604 3452 if you suspect you have a virus or infection related issue.