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Specialist cleaning services throughout the North West

Here at Slime and Grime Cleaning, our team of cleaners are specialists when it comes to deep cleaning, even under the most difficult circumstances.

Our full range of specialist cleaning services have got you covered, no matter what state your industrial or commercial property has fallen into.

Our team use a professional, safe, and methodical approach to rid your property of unpleasant problems such as biohazards, infections, odours, and pests.

You can rest assured that we only use trained professionals, especially when it comes to cleaning up under potentially dangerous or sensitive circumstances.

No matter what condition your property is in, our team will restore it back into a safe, clean, and pleasant environment to work in.

To discuss your specialist cleaning requirements in more detail, just give our team a call on 0845 604 3452 or 0161 368 4617 and we’ll be happy to help.

Below you can find out more information about the range of specialist and professional deep clean services we provide for industrial and commercial clients throughout Stockport, Manchester, and the North West.

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Biohazard, trauma, and crime scene

If you have a biohazard that needs cleaning up, or your property has been the scene of a trauma or crime, then the problem must be addressed quickly and professionally.

Biohazard clean-up services

Biohazards are biological substances that cause a threat to human health and safety.

Common biohazards that we encounter include:

  • Blood
  • Faeces
  • Urine
  • Vomit
  • Other bodily fluids
  • Dead animals
  • Animal and bird droppings

Biohazards commonly occur in medical settings and in buildings that are being used by squatters or people living in squalid conditions.

At Slime and Grime Cleaning, we have a team of specialists trained in how to safely deal with biohazards.

Our team use a safe, methodical, and thorough approach to clean, disinfect, and deodorise properties affected by biohazards.

Our team will restore your business premises back to its original, pre-incident condition quickly and efficiently to ensure minimal loss of revenue for your business.

Crime scene or trauma clean-up services

It is important that trauma and crime scenes are cleaned up by professionals to ensure the health and safety of everyone involved as biohazards can carry infectious diseases.

If a crime has been committed at your business premises our professional team can provide a specialist deep clean service to restore the property as soon as it has been released by the police.

Crime scene cleaning may involve cleaning up biohazards and the safe removal of sharps such as needles or blades.

Trauma cleaning may be required if your building has been the scene of an undiscovered death or suicide.

Discovering a trauma at your property can be distressing and our team will work with you to safely and compassionately clean up and decontaminate the scene as quickly as possible.

Carpet, upholstery, leather, and hard floor

We offer a variety of specialist cleaning services to help keep those hard-to-clean materials and surfaces looking cleaner for longer.

Our team are experts at professionally cleaning carpet, upholstery, leather, and hard flooring.

When you choose our professional deep clean services, you can rest assured that we will always use the most suitable cleaning products, equipment, and processes to look after the condition of your carpet, upholstery, leather, or hard floor. Our professional approach helps to look after the condition of the surfaces we are cleaning, provide a better finish, and keep the material or surface looking cleaner for longer.

When it comes to carpet cleaning, where suitable, we prefer to use hot water extraction cleaning systems to suck the contaminates out of even the deepest pile carpet. We also sanitise and deodorise all carpets we clean as standard.

Materials and surfaces our team of specialists regularly clean and restore include:

  • Carpet
  • Leather
  • Stone floors
  • Vinyl floors
  • Amtico and Karndean floors
  • Wood floors

Contents cleaning and restoration

If your commercial property, or the furniture and carpets inside it have been damaged, then our specialist team can clean and restore them back to their original condition.

Our specialist deep clean and restoration services are often used by businesses who have suffered a fire or flood at their commercial premises.

When you use our cleaning and restoration services following an incident, we will start by inventorying and photographing all items we receive from you. If required, we can move the items to be cleaned and restored to our own storage facilities.

We will then clean and restore the items using suitable processes and techniques, this may include French polishing, carpet cleaning, reupholstering, or even document restoration.

Finally, our team will return the items to you in their pre-incident condition. If an item cannot be restored, then we can dispose of it safely and responsibly for you.

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Infection and odour control

Our infection and odour control services are used to eradicate viruses and odours from commercial and industrial buildings.

If there is an infection outbreak at your commercial property, it is not something you can afford to take lightly. When you trust our team here at Slime and Grime Cleaning to remove the contaminate you can rest assured that you are in professional and experienced hands.

We use specialist cleaning products, equipment, and processes to safely decontaminate and sanitise the building where the outbreak has been detected.

As well as using the best anti-microbial product on the market and carrying out thorough deep cleaning, we also use viral fogging where appropriate to remove the contaminate from the air.

Our team are also highly experienced at eradicating stubborn odours. We have a variety of effective methods for odour removal and will select a suitable method depending on what is causing the smell.

Odour, nicotine, and oil removal

Unpleasant odours can linger, even after the cause of the smell has been removed. If you have a stubborn odour in your commercial building, then it can make for an unpleasant and unsanitary working environment.

Our team here at Slime and Grime Cleaning can eradicate the bad smell from your building using specialist products, equipment, and processes.

The methods we use to remove odours depends on what is causing the smell. Some of the commonest methods for removing stubborn smells include:

  • Deodoriser – The simplest solution involves washing down affected surfaces with a deodoriser and all-purpose cleaner. 
  • Thermo fogging – This method masks the smell until it breaks down or is removed.
  • Sealing in the odour – Where suitable, an odour may be sealed in before it is dealt with further.
  • Ozone generation – Very strong or stubborn odours may require removing with ozone. Ozone is toxic and kills any bacteria or viruses causing the odour. Our team of professionals ensure that ozone generation is always carried out according to the strictest health and safety guidelines.

Nicotine and oil removal

We are also experts at removing stubborn stains on materials caused by nicotine and oil. We use a variety of different products and processes to remove nicotine and oil depending on the severity of the stain and the type of material we are dealing with.

Pest control

Here at Slime and Grime Cleaning we offer fast, effective, and discrete pest control services for commercial properties.

Pests including birds, insects, and rodents can cause damage to your property and can pose a significant health risk.

We offer a 24 hour pest control service which includes:

  • A free initial site inspection.
  • Unmarked staff in unmarked vehicles.
  • Fast response.
  • Elimination of pests.
  • Professional deep clean of the affected area.
  • Pest control deterrents and monitors.
  • Professional pest inspections and documentation for your records.

If your building has a pest problem, don’t delay in getting in touch, pest infestations will only escalate if left untreated.

Sharps removal and waste disposal

Our professional team are experienced at safely disposing of all sorts of waste, including sharps like hypodermic needles, knifes, and broken glass.

Slime and Grime Cleaning hold a waste transfer licence and dispose of thousands of tonnes of waste every year!

Our hassle-free waste disposal service is available 24/7 should you urgently require help removing waste or sharps from a property.

Sharps can pose a safety risk and health hazard and so should only be handled by professionally trained individuals like our team here at Slime and Grime Cleaning.

We always dispose of needles or blades safely before ensuring that your property is disinfected, sanitised, and restored to a safe environment as swiftly as possible.

 COVID-19 cleaning

The Covid-19 pandemic has made it more important than ever that businesses keep their premises clean, sanitary, and safe to avoid an outbreak of the virus.

Whether you require help keeping your business premises clean and infection-free, or you have had an outbreak of Covid-19 and need the area decontaminating, Slime and Grime Cleaning can provide a thorough and professional service you can trust.

Over the last year our team have become Covid-19 cleaning specialists. We use only the safest and most reliable products, equipment, and processes to eliminate all traces of the virus from your premises.

Reasons to choose Slime and Grime Cleaning for Covid-19 decontamination include:

  • We always begin with a risk assessment.
  • Our team always wear proper PPE when carrying out the job.
  • Fast-response service.
  • We assess the situation and tailor a suitable service according to the details of the outbreak.
  • Our cleaning procedures are tried, tested, and highly effective.
  • Our deep cleaning equipment, processes, and chemicals eliminate the virus and prevent it from spreading.
  • Any waste produced during the process is disposed of safely.

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