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Everyone has the right to work and live in a healthy, clean and pest-free environment.

Pest problems can often be complex and require a professional response. Slime & Grime, fully qualified pest control technicians bring you peace of mind, knowing that in their hands your pest infestation will be resolved. Pest infestations do not go away on their own and can often escalate if untreated. Trust Slime & Grime to solve your pest control problems, whether you have a problem with rodents, insects or birds.

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Discretion When Required

If required, all our pest control services are carried out by unmarked staff in unmarked vehicles. The discreet service is for those situations which may be sensitive or confidential. This provides the same exacting standards under the umbrella of ‘S&G Services’; our operatives would be non-branded in terms of vans and uniforms thus ensuring complete discretion.

Pests in the home

Pest infestations can occur anywhere and are not determined by social or economic divides. Slime & Grime understand the distress these infestations can cause and offer a professional and discreet service that ensures pest infestations are dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Slime & Grime Limited are also specialist deep cleaners, this often goes hand in hand with pest control as the first rule of pest control is to remove the reason why the pest is present. This is usually down to food and water being readily available.

Nothing deters the technicians at Slime & Grime as we have already seen it all and more importantly cleaned it up.  As well as pest control deterrents and monitors, we are able to build regular deep cleaning programmes into your pest control requirements.  All our initial site inspections are carried out free of charge.

Pests in business

Whether disease transmitting or not, the impact of pests, to the manufacturing, leisure and tourism industry and the local economy can be sizeable.

This public health nuisance can deter people from visiting thriving local attractions, campsites and golf courses, or from using facilities in restaurants and pubs. This can result in a loss of revenue but could also cause the closure of businesses if companies cannot prove they have shown due diligence in preventing infestations.

Why Pests Can Be Dangerous

Although pests in your home and business are unpleasant and a nuisance, there can also be health risks involved. This is why it’s important to call Slime & Grime if you notice any sign of pests. Our 24 hour service can ensure the problem is dealt with imminently to exterminate the problem  from the source so they don’t return.

Pests such as rats and mice are incontinent. This means they constantly urinate as they crawl around. This may be invisible to the naked eye, however, UV lights can reveal these trails. These trails may contain diseases that rats and mice are known for carrying.

Due to this, cleaning up their droppings and visible things isn’t enough and we highly recommend professionals dealing with this. At Slime & Grime, we have specialist equipment to sufficiently clean the affected property.

Deep cleaning is necessary because rats and mice are know for carrying a number of diseases such as Salmoellosis, Leptospirosis, Weil’s disease and more. These are contagious diseases which can be transmitted to humans if they come into contact with them.

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Slime & Grime pest control services provide thorough, professional inspections and treatments that are fully documented with copies provided for your records. Call us today on 0845 604 3452 or fill out the form below.

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