Odour, Nicotine and Oil Removal

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Odour removal

Odours can be pervasive, and can remain even after their cause has been cleaned away. Whether following a bio-hazard cleanup, restoration after a fire or flood, strong smells may remain that keep you from living or working in a property. This is where Slime & Grime come in as we have many years’ experience in not just masking but removing even the most persistent unpleasant odours. You can also read our blog post for more on how we eradicate odours.

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Washing down with deodoriser

Sometimes odours are not that strong and can be eradicated by washing affected contents and areas down with a deodoriser and a general purpose cleaner.

  • Used on Light to Heavy odours and in combination with other methods.

Thermo fogging

Also known as thermal fogging, this method encapsulates the molecule of smell but does not destroy it, thus masking the smell until it eventually breaks down or is removed using a number of methods including washing down with a deodoriser and general purpose cleaner.

  • Used on Light to Medium odours and in combination with other methods.

Sealing in the odour

Sometimes sealing in the odour can be used as an effective odour control solution. However this can sometimes work out to be an expensive alternative to other methods, mainly due to the size of the area required to be sealed. Odours can and do move within a structure and thus can present themselves at a different location to the original area where they were discovered.

  • Used on Medium to Heavy odours and in combination with other methods.

Ozone Generation

At Slime & Grime we generally attempt to kill the bacteria causing the smell as once this is achieved, the smell will be eradicated. In our professional opinion Ozone Generation is by far the most effective way to kill odour, not only does ozone kill odour but also sanitises at the same time. Ozone changes the molecular structure of the air from O2 to O3, thus killing the bacteria and viruses in the process. Ozone is toxic and therefore must be used under strict guidelines. All plants, mammals, water and natural rubber items must be removed from the area to be ozoned prior to the commencement of the treatment. The room must also be sealed with warning signs placed outside.

We install air movement with the ozone generator as ozone is heavier than air and would fall to the floor without the air movement. Our portable ozone generator converts the ozone back to air at the end of the treatment cycle and thus leaves the room treated, well within the required regulation levels for ozone present after treatment. However, we still air these rooms after the treatment cycle has been completed. Certain protein odours can take up to 72 hours to totally eradicate, however most odours can be removed by utilising a general clean down followed by a 24 hour ozone treatment, per room/area affected.

  • Used on Medium to Heavy odours and in combination with other methods, almost always used after washing down with deodoriser and general purpose cleaner.

Nicotine and Oil removal

Nicotine and oil are strong contaminants. Slime & Grime use specialist products to remove these safely and professionally from where required. Sometimes further services are required such as jet washing or stain-blocking services which we offer in house.

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