Kitchen Extractor

The team at Slime & Grime Limited have been restoring and cleaning kitchen extractors for many years. We are fully qualified, CRB checked, client focused and operate 24/7 as required.

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Complete Kitchen Extractor Clean

Our kitchen extract cleaning service removes grease and carbon deposits from your extractor fan, kitchen canopy and ducting.

We have a team of highly experienced commercial cleaners who are on call to provide our kitchen extraction system cleaning service 24 hours a day. This way, we can carry out the work at a time convenient to you which helps to ensure that there is minimal disruption to your business.

Tel: 0845 604 3452

Why You Should Clean Your Kitchen Extractor

It is extremely important that you kitchen extractor is regularly cleaned an maintained. A reason for this is that if the ductwork, carrying the air that you breathe, is contaminated with dirt, dust, bacteria, viruses and other undesirable contaminants it is reasonable to suggest that you will be breathing in these contaminants.

Below are our recommendations of how often your kitchen extractor should be cleaned, depending on it’s usage:

  • Heavy Use (12 – 16 hours per day): every 3 months
  • Moderate Use (6 – 12 hours per day): every 6 months
  • Light Use: (2 – 6 hours per day): every 12 months

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No occurrence is too big for Slime & Grime as we deal with specialist requests every day of the week. The team are fully-insured, CRB-checked and Health and Safety compliant to ensure we provide a smooth and professional service from start to finish. Give us a call on 0845 604 3452 right away, and we will deal with the job at hand.