Slime and Grime - Graffiti Cleaning (Before)

Is graffiti hard to remove?

If your property is defaced with graffiti, you’ll want to have the eyesore professionally removed as quickly as possible.

Unless you’ve been lucky enough that your business premises have been chosen as Banksy’s latest canvas, the chances are that the graffiti you’ve woken up to is unattractive and could lower your property’s value and your business’ reputation if not removed swiftly.

Graffiti is a type of vandalism and is sometimes even used to mark out gangs’ territories, not something you want decorating your industrial or commercial business property.

If you require help removing graffiti from a property, then you’ll want to call in some help from the professionals to ensure the best results.

Is graffiti hard to remove?

How difficult it is to remove graffiti from a property depends on a few key factors:

  • The type of paint that has been used.
  • The surface it has been sprayed onto.
  • How long it has been there.

If the graffiti is on a painted surface, then the simplest solution is usually just to paint over the problem. However, if graffiti has been sprayed onto an unpainted surface, particularly a porous or historic surface, then removal can be more challenging.

Many people try to remove graffiti using a pressure washer or a sandblaster, not realising just how damaging this can be to a surface.

If you wish to remove graffiti effectively, without damaging your property’s exterior, then you’ll require help from a professional cleaning company that specialises in graffiti removal.

How much does graffiti removal service cost?

The cost of a graffiti removal service depends on the size of the job and the extent of the problem.

The price of graffiti removal services also vary depending on which cleaning company and service that you choose.

Here at Slime and Grime Cleaning, when you choose our graffiti removal service our specially trained team use a steam-based DOFF system to strip away paint safely and effectively whilst protecting the brick or stone underneath.

The DOFF system works using water and adjustable steam temperature and pressure to blast away paint. The system can achieve steam temperatures of up to 150 degrees Celsius, allowing it to remove even the stubbornest stains.

In most cases, the DOFF system will only require water to remove graffiti, making the process odourless and environmentally-friendly as it produces no chemical-runoff. This also means that you can rest assured that it will not damage the appearance or condition of your property’s exterior, it is even a suitable option for listed buildings.

For particularly stubborn or aged graffiti, we may need to use a safe and specialist cleaning chemical in conjunction with the system to produce best results.

For more information about our graffiti cleaning services, or to request a free quote on a job, give our team here at Slime and Grime Cleaning a call on 0845 604 3452.