Fire and Flood Restoration

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Water Damage

The team at Slime & Grime Limited have been drying out properties and restoring buildings and contents after fire and flood damage for many years. We are fully qualified, CRB checked, client focused and operate 24/7 as required.

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It is vitally important to deal with an ingress or escape of water as soon as possible after the incident. The longer a property is left wet, the more problems will occur. Moisture left in a property can cause problems that can be very expensive to put right. Damp, when left unattended, can cause structural problems in a property and make it unsafe for living and working.

Slime & Grime's approach will naturally vary slightly according to the circumstances to which they are called out. However for the most part our approach is consistent. We use refrigerant dehumidifiers with pump out systems, thus reducing the requirement to empty water tanks on a daily basis. We always use air movement and dehumidification together as dehumidifiers only dry the air, while the air movers encourage evaporation of the moisture from the property. This speeds up the drying process both safely and efficiently.

We always treat properties in need of water damage restoration with an anti-microbial agent to deal with unwanted contaminants, also helping to eradicate mould and mould spores.

We are also specialists in the pumping out, drying and sanitising of cellars.

Fire Damage

Where properties have been damaged by fire, our team have been able to restore properties back to the pre-incident condition or better, thus significantly reducing the replacement costs.

Smoke damage restoration involves firstly thermal fogging your property, which will help reduce the acidity in the air. This process will also assist with odour control. Carbon and soot are acidic and are therefore corrosive. The loose particulate of soot/carbon is vacuumed off all surfaces and then cleaned down using a strong alkaline detergent, sanitiser and deodoriser. This brings the property back to a neutral state which is vital for the long-term well-being of your property and your health.

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Every area of your property is cleaned and sanitised. Where staining has occurred we can stain block those areas before carrying out decorating or painting works. As we carry out all these services in-house we can usually reduce the time scale of the restoration process, thus hopefully reducing the stress and hassle that an incident like this may cause.

We also restore fire-damaged contents, ranging from carpets, furniture, and documents to clothing. We can dispose of unrestorable contents and complete inventories and supply photographic evidence if required. We can PAT test all electrical items in-house if needed.

Where the outside of the property is damaged by smoke, we clean these areas using our specialist equipment and products.

Sympathetic staff will help reduce the stress and hassle surrounding these traumatic events. If required, the ability of Slime & Grime Limited to project manage the entire restoration process, bringing your buildings and contents back to the pre-incident condition as quickly as possible, sets us apart from many of our competitors.

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Our experienced and sympathetic staff are able to reduce the stress and hassle present, when property and contents are affected by Fire and Flood

Our list of clients include:

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  • Housing Associations
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  • Commercial and Domestic Clients