Exterior Property Services, Grounds Clearance, Roof Cleaning

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When you look at the exterior of any property, what you see is what Slime & Grime can clean.

We are specialists in the deep cleaning of all types of roofs. Whether the roof concerned is a garage roof or the roof of a multi storey block of flats, Slime & Grime have safely and effectively cleaned that type of roof in the past.

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There are many reasons why a roof may need to be cleaned. A thorough deep roof clean actually forms part of good maintenance, as a protracted buildup of moss, dirt, lichen and guano (bird droppings) can impact the effectiveness of the roof as a weatherproof structure. Plant growth such as moss retains water, so that even after the rest of the roof has dried in the sun after a downpour, areas in the shade or in between shingles remain damp. Over time, this can lead to wood rot, which as you might suspect is much more expensive and difficult to put right than the occasional clean!

Homeowners who should most consider regular roof cleaning include those who receive a lot of rain; who have some or all of their roof in the shade; or those where a tree, particularly a deciduous one, overhangs the roof. This last factor can result in large deposits of leaves, seeds and guano.

Of course as with many types of cleanup and property maintenance, we have to consider not just the structural benefits of regular roof cleaning, but the cosmetic factor as well. If you are looking to sell your home, a careful cleanup throughout is a must, and we can help with all aspects of that (see the array of services in the menu).

All roof cleaning options are completely safe if you use an experienced and competent company to carry out the work.

The best option to clean a roof in our experience is to use a low pressure jet wash. If done correctly this is a slow process where the pressure is low enough not to damage any part of the roof. This is the most cost effective option and always includes the emptying of guttering and the thorough clean up of areas on the ground.

We can use chemicals to kill moss and then brush it off, though this would not normally be our first recommendation – in most cases this is a time consuming process and the most expensive option.

We can also use superheated water to remove contaminants including moss. Again we don’t normally endorse this as the first port of call, as it is also a slower and pricier option than the jet wash.

Once a roof is cleaned and is dry, it can be treated with products to slow down the regrowth of moss.

We do not advocate sealing or the colouring of roofs. We carry out all other types of roofing work – for more details and a free on site survey please contact us.

Slime & Grime have been carrying out grounds clearances for many years. This may include the removal of building debris, overgrown foliage, soil, household contents, fly tipping and general rubbish. No job is too big or too small.

It can seem like a mammoth task to clear an area of land that has become overgrown or litter-strewn. From fields and farmland to a back garden, we can carry out clearing of all types of outdoor space effectively and safely.

Slime & Grime dispose of all waste, from plant matter, to abandoned furniture or needles, in a safe and responsible manner. Get in touch today to discuss your needs and get our best rate.

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