Death Cleanup in Bolton

Slime and Grime Cleaning offer fast, professional and discreet death cleaning services to properties across Bolton and surrounding areas.

If your commercial or industrial property has been the scene of a traumatic incident, then you will want it to be restored to its pre-incident state as soon as possible.

Our expert team have dealt with a number of different types of death clean up including undiscovered deaths, accidental deaths, industrial deaths, crime scenes and suicides.

Undiscovered death clean ups should always be done by specialists as they can be distressing and pose significant health hazards so should always be dealt with professionally and safely.

A lot of death scenes involve biohazards including bodily fluids such as blood, vomit, urine and faeces. These can carry infectious diseases so must be dealt with immediately and very carefully to avoid contamination.

Slime and Grime Cleaning are an accredited cleaning company with multiple years of experience in dealing with challenging death clean ups. Our team of specialist cleaners will arrive at your Bolton premises swiftly to provide a thorough and discrete clean up and decontamination service.

Accidental death clean up

Accidental death refers to a variety of different incidents including fatal slips, trips and falls and traffic collisions or accidents.

No matter what the cause is, dealing with the aftermath of an accidental death is often shocking, upsetting and can be extremely overwhelming. At Slime and Grime Cleaning, we understand that this can be an extremely difficult time, and so we provide a professional, compassionate and quick accidental clean up service for businesses in Bolton.

Once you have contacted our team, we will take control of the situation and get to work restoring the area to it’s pre-incident condition.

The expert team at Slime and Grime always put safety first and ensure they wear full PPE and complete risk assessments to identify any biohazards or dangers before beginning any clean up job. Decontamination is then carried out using the best tools, techniques and cleaning solutions for the job.

Industrial death clean up

Industrial businesses such as factories or warehouses used for manufacturing, shipping, or storing products can be particularly hazardous places to work.

Industrial machinery and vehicles can be dangerous if they become faulty or are not operated correctly, and unfortunately industrial accidents and fatalities do sometimes happen.

If an industrial death occurs in the workplace, it can be distressing for all employees and the scene of the incident should be cleaned up as soon as possible to prevent biohazard contamination.

The expert team at Slime and Grime Cleaning provide 24/7 fast-response industrial trauma and death clean up services in Bolton.

We will arrive quickly at the scene to provide a sensitive, discreet and efficient industrial death clean up service and will remove and clean up all biohazards present.

Once our specialist team have thoroughly decontaminated and cleaned your property, the area will be fully restored so that you can resume business activity as soon as possible.

Why choose Slime and Grime Cleaning?

If your property has been the site of a traumatic incident, you will need an experienced and fast-response death cleaning service in Bolton. You can trust us to handle your needs with sensitivity and efficiency.

Slime and Grime Cleaning are a local, family-run business based in Mottram House in Stockport. We have been providing unbeatable results using specialist cleaning tools and processes for years and our large team of experienced professionals can clean any property – no job is too big! However, we are still small enough to provide a persona service that meets your specific needs, whatever they may be.

Our specialist death cleaning team assess each incident thoroughly before beginning work to ensure that they use the most appropriate and effective methods to safely restore your property to a clean, sanitary condition.

Each death scene is unique. They each present new challenges, and require a different approach. Our death cleaning services involve:

  • A risk assessment.
  • Specialist cleaners wearing professional PPE.
  • A thorough and methodical clean.
  • Disinfection, decontamination, and deodorisation of the area.
  • The safe removal and disposal of any hazardous waste.

For more information about death cleaning in Bolton, or to request a free quote on a job, give our team here at Slime and Grime Cleaning a call today on 0845 604 3452 or 0161 368 4617.