Specialist Covid-19 cleaning and decontamination service

At Slime & Grime, we’ve faced some challenging opponents since we began trading in 2008.

But coronavirus is perhaps the toughest yet.

Dealing with this pandemic has caused a great deal of public worry and concern.

However, we strive to give our customers the reassurance they need that their premises are infection-free.

There’s little that fazes us, and we’re adopting our proven, methodical approach to eliminating it.

As trusted Covid-19 clean-up specialists, we use our expertise and the latest equipment to safely remove all traces.

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Getting back to normal life

Strict lockdowns have been effective in slowing the virus in its tracks.

As the infection rate lowers and restrictions are gradually eased, the need for vigilance will be increased.

We all want to do what we can to ensure severe measures don’t have to be reintroduced and the team at Slime & Grime is determined to play its part.

Our primary aim is to help clients get back to work quickly, safely and with as much confidence as possible.

As workplaces, shops and schools have slowly started to open again across the world, the importance of rapid deep-cleaning and decontamination has grown.

As soon as potential outbreaks have been identified, premises have been closed and specialists like us have been called in.

It’s helping to keep the virus in check as life slowly starts to get back to normal.

How the virus spreads in a workplace

Everyone will be familiar with how colds and other bugs rapidly spread throughout a workplace each winter.

All it takes is for one person to arrive with a cough or sniffle and pretty soon their colleagues are affected.

We share desks, perhaps even computers, have chats at lunch and during break time, we sit across from each other at meetings.

All of these make it very easy for viruses to spread.

And this one is no different.

Why business were quickly closed

Early evidence seemed to suggest that here in the UK it was moving rapidly through workplaces, being taken home and then potentially passed on to vulnerable people.

That’s the reason that governments across the world were so quick to temporarily close down businesses of all types and sizes.

As they begin to reopen, measures will need to be in place to ensure any new outbreak has only a limited impact.

With that in mind, Slime & Grime is on hand to offer rapid clean and decontamination services locally.

If you run a business and want to find out how we could help in the event of an outbreak, please don’t hesitate to ask.


Facing a hidden opponent

Why is the virus so contagious

3 face mask on a table

Covid-19 is extremely contagious and has been shown to live on surfaces for up to three days.

That means that if someone carrying the virus has been in an area, it’s likely that traces of it will be left on surfaces there.

It could be on a desk or a door handle in a school or workplace, for example, and has the potential to infect dozens of people before it finally becomes inactive.

Controlling the virus is a challenge

As very few of us appear to have any immunity to the disease, we are susceptible if we enter that room during those first 72 hours.

As careful as we are trying to be, it’s easy to touch a surface and then touch your face later without thinking.

Few of us diligently wipe down each item of food that enters our home, or every piece of mail we receive.

We cannot remove all risk, but we can respond quickly when outbreaks occur.

Here’s an easy-to-understand guide on how our deep cleaning and decontamination process works.

How we approach the risk

When we’re asked to decontaminate an area where someone with the virus has been present, we look at several factors;

  • What type of surface has been contaminated? Covid-19 survives better on some materials than others.
  • How much virus was shed from the individual to the surface? Did they pass through or were they working at a desk for several hours?
  • When were they last in the area?

We’re properly protected

Man wearing PPEWe take no risks with our clients or ourselves, so proper PPE is essential.

The level of protection needed will be determined by the severity of a contamination.

A highly-skilled member of our team will assess the risk before we begin.

An area with a lower level of risk might just require our team to wear an apron, face mask and disposable gloves.

If, on the other hand, the area is highly-contaminated we might require a bodysuit, footwear, eye and face protection.

We never cut corners, and are always kitted out with the correct level of PPE for the job.

Speed matters

With any outbreak, acting quickly is key to getting on top of the situation.

The more time a virus has to spread, the harder it is to contain.

Speed and efficiency are at the heart of our approach to coronavirus.

During the current pandemic, we’ve been dealing with Covid-19 clean-ups daily.

As a result, we can get working quickly on eliminating it from your premises.

Our procedures are tried, tested and get results.

We use the latest deep cleaning equipment to speedily eliminate the virus and the chemicals we use destroy its structure.

This neutralises any possibility of it spreading.

Eliminating the virus

The chemicals we use to tackle Covid-19 begin to work in seconds.

Person in PPE cleaning an area

They also keep working even when they’ve dried, helping to prevent accidental reinfection.

Whenever we’re called in to eliminate the virus from premises, our aim is always to prevent it from infecting anyone else.

With that in mind, our deep cleans and decontaminations leave no stone unturned.

When we exit a premises, we are confident we have done everything we can to destroy all traces of the virus.

Taking care of waste

We take no risks from the beginning of the decontamination process to the end, and this includes any kind of waste product.

Because Covid-19 can live on surfaces for up to 72 hours, any waste materials generated by our decontamination process must be disposed of correctly.

Items such as disposable PPE are first securely bagged.

It is then left for at least 72 hours before being disposed of safely.

We’re also happy to advise clients on how best to get rid of their waste.

How to keep the virus at bay

We’re all on the same side when it comes to defeating the virus.

Even if we can’t eliminate all risk, everything we do can make a difference to the rate of transmission.

Keeping the infection rate as low as possible will be key to getting back to normal.

As a trusted Covid-19 clean-up company we’re regularly asked how people can help keep the virus out of their offices and homes.

Here are three key steps you can take:

  • Wash your hands – it sounds simple but the first line of defence against coronavirus is good personal hygiene. Washing our hands regularly for at least 20 seconds is one of the easiest and most effective ways to prevent transmission.
  • Keep two metres apart from other people outside your household; as lockdown restrictions are gradually eased, it’s going to be more important than ever to observe social distancing.
  • Anyone with symptoms should self-isolate; if anyone in your home begins to develop symptoms of coronavirus, they should try and self-isolate for a fortnight. Anyone in the house who has had contact with them should do the same.

Act quickly

ClockIf you have a suspected case of coronavirus in your office or at home, the quicker you act the more likely you are to stop the virus from spreading.

We’ve learned that it is extremely contagious, and we recommend that anyone who has had contact with an infected person immediately self-isolates.

We can be on-site to carry out a thorough Covid-19 clean-up quickly.

This can give you confidence your premises are safe to use.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch

We’re on hand to advise if you’re concerned about potential coronavirus infection in your premises.

At Slime & Grime, our objective is to give people peace of mind in these most challenging of times.

Even if you ultimately don’t think that a thorough deep-clean and virus elimination is necessary, you can base your decision on the best information possible.

Everyone is being extra vigilant and trying to follow the government guidelines.

But even with the most diligent personal hygiene and social distancing, the virus can sometimes get through.

When that happens, we’re on hand to help.

Our friendly, experienced team in Stockport is determined to do its bit fighting Covid-19.

If you’re concerned about a potential outbreak on your premises, then why not call us today on  0161 368 4617?