Carpet, Upholstery, Leather and Hard Floor Cleaning

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Slime & Grime staff have many years experience in the field of deep carpet cleaning, and have been trusted by some of the UK’s leading insurance companies to restore items and validate claims after accidental damage incidents.

Carpet cleaning

Perhaps you’ve had a carpet cleaned before, and found it got dirty again very soon afterwards. The reason is most likely that the carpet was not rinsed and neutralised properly.

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When you pre-spray a carpet with a detergent, this detergent is alkaline. Alkaline by its very nature attracts dirt. (You can see for yourself how the top of a washing-up liquid bottle goes grey around the spout of the bottle.) If the alkaline detergent is not rinsed out of the carpet properly with an acidic rinse, which brings the carpet back to a neutral pH, then the alkaline detergent left in the carpet will attract dirt.

It is true to say that anybody can set up as a carpet, upholstery and leather cleaner as it is an industry that often goes unregulated, unless the operator wishes to become accredited. How often have you seen an ad promising ‘we will clean all your carpets for £30’, yet the knowledgeable buyer will realise that there must be a catch because nobody can clean all the carpets in a property for £30 and stay in business.

Slime & Grime always carry out the job both correctly and professionally. We do not cut corners and never discount on quality against price to win a job. If you are the type of customer who has invested in a quality piece of furniture or carpet and wants that investment protecting at a fair price, we may just be the company for you. If you are making a choice on price alone, we wish you good luck but we are probably not the carpet cleaning specialists for you. We treat the right fabrics with the right products. For example we only use neutral detergents when cleaning wool carpets as these products will not damage the cuticles of the wool fibres.

We advocate the use of hot water extraction in most cases, since as with most washing or cleaning jobs, hot water cleans better than cold. Our powerful extractors on our systems suck out the contaminants from deep within the pile, also leaving the carpet almost dry once we have finished the clean. We sanitise and deodorise all carpets as standard and do not charge extra for these added services.

Stain guarding

We also offer a stain guarding service. There are misconceptions about this treatment – some people may think that this is an impervious stain protection treatment but this is not the case. Stain guarding is exactly what it says, ‘a stain guard’. it will help protect your floor or furniture if you spill a small amount of something on your item and prevent the source of the stain from soaking into the fibres. This will make it easier to clean and vacuum the carpet in future as dirt will sit just on the protective surface. If you have an item stain guarded and you remove a subsequent stain, it is likely that you will also remove the guard and therefore the item will then require reguarding.


All treated or coated leather items are cleaned by hand. Firstly we clean the leather using a neutral detergent and then we nourish and polish with a leather cleaner. We do not clean untreated nubuck or suede items.

Hard floors

Slime & Grime Limited clean and maintain every type of hard floor.

Stone Floors

Slime & Grime Limited have many years experience in the restoration and maintenance of stone floors, both internal and external.

We clean, seal (using topical and impregnating seals dependent on the material to be protected), polish and maintain.  We also use heat by way of low pressure superheated water to clean exterior stone.

The types of stone that we deal with are most commonly marble, limestone, York stone and terracotta.  We also care for quarry, porcelain, ceramic tiles and slate.

Amtico and Karndean

We clean and maintain Karndean and Amtico floors, using only the approved cleaners and finishers for these products.


We clean and maintain a wide range of vinyls, using neutral detergents to clean prior to sealing.

Wood Floors

We also sand, stain and seal wood floors.

Our technicians have many years of experience in these fields.

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