Brick & Stone Cleaning and Graffiti Removal

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Brick & stone cleaning

All brick and stone walls, structures and paving needs to be carefully maintained. Proper cleaning is needed not just to maintain the appearance of a structure but also to maintain its integrity. Lichen and moss are unsightly, but can also be dangerous – over time, these factors if left unchecked can cause a structure or pavement to crumble away, posing an obvious safety risk.

Of course, the cosmetic effect of a thorough clean is important as well, and a must if planning to sell a property, or simply needing to make a good impression such as in any commercial premises.

We’re prepared to take on stone and brick cleaning jobs on a periodic or one-off basis, whether as a maintenance solution or a response to a specific problem such as graffiti.

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Graffiti removal

Graffiti is a blight on commercial and domestic properties alike; at its worst it can seriously affect the reputation and livability of an area. Our steam-based graffiti removal solution (detailed below) strips away spray paint and ink while leaving the original brick or stone surface intact.

The DOFF system

What is the DOFF System?
DOFF is a steam-based graffiti removal cleaning system for stone and brick. It’s unlike any other steam system and can achieve temperatures of 150°C (300°F) at the nozzle end. The operator is able to vary the temperature and pressure to remove either many types of paint or biological matter. Slime & Grime are approved operators of the DOFF system.

What can DOFF be used for?
The steam/superheated water will remove biological matter such as moss, weeds, fungi and algae, and will also kill off spores. As the system uses only water, there is no chemical runoff, odour or other environmental concerns; the process is as eco-friendly as you could want. Due to the low pressure and water usage, the system will not cause damage to substrates and hard floors such as stone, brick and concrete driveways.

How does it work?
DOFF cleans stonework and masonry using superheated steam. When the temperature in the system is high, the pressure on the surface being cleaned is very gentle and the volume of water is low – around three or four litres per minute, as opposed to around 35 litres per minute with a pressure washer. The surface is therefore not saturated and will be dry within minutes.

Slime & Grime remove all types of graffiti using a large range of products and methods.  Our super heated water systems can remove 90% of graffiti without the use of chemicals, from simple tags to large murals.  However, it is sometimes more cost effective to use products and pressure washers where new or small amounts of graffiti exist.

Substrate cleaning
When cleaning the substrate of a building Slime & Grime prefer to clean the property using superheated water as this is gentler and therefore kinder to the brickwork than using blasting methods. When blasting the substrate of a property you are removing the face of the substrate and if this is not done correctly or is carried out on the wrong substrate the results can be devastating. Superheated water gently cleans the substrate giving great results.

Many building conservations will only clean listed buildings using superheated water.

DOFF System will:

  • remove paint coatings
  • remove certain types of graffiti (without chemical usage)
  • remove bird or vermin fouling
  • remove algae, moss, fungi
  • remove other biological matter
  • remove wax coatings

The DOFF system is relied on by architects and building restoration companies across the UK for innovative and effective stone, brick and substrate cleaning. We also use DOFF in conjunction with a number of specialised and safe chemicals for the removal of oil and certain types of aged graffiti and spray paint. DOFF is also used to deep clean and sanitise certain kitchen appliances and oven accessories.

See the DOFF System in action in our video, removing aged graffiti without chemical use.