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Nothing fazes the extreme cleaning experts at Slime & Grime, so get in touch with the team today if you require quality crime scene cleaning services. Slime & Grime perform extreme cleanup work day-in, day-out, and can be relied upon to deliver the professional service that you require. The team have dealt with a huge range of situations and can offer the effective, safe and discreet service that you require. No job is ever too extreme for the team.

Slime & Grime can be your first call in Manchester if there’s an urgent scene that needs to be attended to immediately. There are few if any circumstances or situations that we have not dealt with before. No situation or occurrence will faze or disrupt our experienced staff. The team offer a 24/7 service and have access to ultra-powerful equipment.

Our process

Slime & Grime’s goal in a crime scene cleanup is to restore a location, whether indoor or outdoor, to its pristine state.

Our work is professionally carried out in what can be an upsetting time. By being aware of possible risks, leveraging our wide experience, and using the best equipment and materials, we ensure the job is done efficiently and to the standards you the client require.

Many crime scenes contain dangers such as bodily fluids or weapons, that may pose a risk to safety. Our staff are comprehensively trained in the cleanup of biological risks and will work to disinfect and deodorise the affected area. This with minimum disruption to the owners’ living situation or business operation.

Safe disposal of sharps such as needles and blades is necessary as these items pose not just an immediate safety risk but are also health hazards due to the potential for infection.

Death Clean Up Manchester

Unfortunately, death can sometimes go unnoticed for some time. Neighbours may become aware of a death due to odours coming from a property, or a friend or relative may check up on someone after not hearing from them for a while. The longer a death is unattended, the more dangerous the clean-up task can become, which is why Slime & Grime offers a 24-hour undiscovered death clean-up service in Manchester.

Whether you require undiscovered death clean up services, or a suicide scene response, Slime & Grime has a specialist team which can carry out this work safely and compassionately to make the area safe again as soon as possible. We are mindful that any type of trauma clean-up is often distressing for those involved which is why we aim to make the process as easy for you as possible.

Our team is well-trained to handle every aspect of the clean-up. From decontaminating a whole site to disposing of hazardous waste correctly, you can have peace in mind knowing that we will do a thorough and professional job.

No job too big

The team at Slime & Grime are CRB-checked, fully insured and Health and Safety compliant. They offer services including risk assessments, traumatic death clean-ups, odour control, vehicle sanitisation and police custody cell cleans. You can get in touch with them if you ever have any queries about the services that they provide, as our service list is not only limited to those in the sidebar.

They can offer cleans for police authorities, councils, insurance companies, domestic clients and many more. Their services are available all over Manchester and the North West of England.

Learn more about what they can do for you by heading over to the home page today or giving them a call!